Remote interrogation

Going there is great - remote maintenance is even better

All LAMTEC`s new generation instruments come with a serial interface. Using appropriate software, the commissioning engineer or the service technician can now link directly to the unit and call up a whole range of graphically presented information.

The unit can also be conveniently configured via this interface. The usefulness of the interface can be further enhanced in combination with an industrial modem. It allows you a view the installation from your office. In the event of a fault you are immediately in the picture.

LAMTEC`s instruments record every fault, together with a great deal of additional and varied information. These provide you with important data on fault analysis and rectification. Although the distance means that servomotors cannot be replaced or pressure switches repaired, you do nevertheless get useful information about the cause of the failure.


It may be sufficient to provide the operating personnel with an appropriate suggestion. But even a service visit, where necessary, can be prepared more effectively this way. Repeat journeys caused by not having taken the right parts can thus be avoided.
A modem link is an invaluable tool during the commissioning phase, too. The engineer on site can receive specialist support from an expert at head office. Using installation data called up on screen, the latter is able to provide the engineer with useful suggestions and ideas. In addition, non-safety relevant configurations can be modified from head office without the need for the commissioning engineer`s intervention.
It is also possible to equip LAMTEC units with a wireless modem during the commissioning phase. With the TD 32, LAMTEC offers you an industry-tested instrument for cap-rail assembly.

The modem is available in two versions, powered by 230 V AC or 24 V DC. It is connected to an analogue telephone socket, and when called up it automatically sets up the link and selects the baud rate to the VMS, FMS, LT 1 and LT 2.Thus, via your PC and modem you are connected to the LAMTEC instrument as though you were standing with your laptop directly in front of it.




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